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How we work

We primarily sing all genres of backing vocals, remotely for clients all over the world.


For remote sessions we have a 14 day turnaround as we send the files between the singers.


We sing and quote in sections (8 bars / 30 seconds).


1. Contact us

Email us with your ideas, if possible suggest what package might suit you and how you'd like to work. To direct us in your studio, direct us on zoom or we will interpret your arrangement remotely. Most of our sessions are remote - so fret not if you don't have time or aren't comfortable directing. 

2. Confirmation from us

We will call or email you back to confirm details then send you an invoice or Paypal link.

3. Payment 

Once you have paid via bank transfer we will request you to send the deliverables listed below under 'You'.

4.Upon receipt of correctly formatted deliverables, we will schedule time to either organise a zoom meeting, in studio session or we will simply start working on your recording remotely.

5. We will send you a draft for your approval. If you have ordered a harmony arrangement, you will be sent the arrangment with one voice to approve. After your approval the choir will layer the arrangement with powerful vocals. This will be sent to you for final approval.

6. Your approval or changes

Changes will be made under your direction, there may be a need to have a zoom meeting to save time if emails aren't cutting it. Revisions sent until approved.

7. Deliverables sent 

Send us a drive link to upload to or download from our google drive. NB this will be deleted once confirmed your end. Usually within a week.  


Before your session please be prepared for the following deliverables:

- Gu
ide vocals (at least one for phrasing) and/or instrumentally played stem parts for choir to interpret
- Lyric sheet (in text/doc not photo - we like to copy the lyrics into our DAW project)

- Backing music (one MP3)
- Recording BPM

- Cloud space for us to upload


We hope you understand that failure to provide this can result in a longer turnaround time.

UAngels Choir:
- Raw High quality individual WAV stems are provided for each take
- One stack of harmonies are recorded per section (to be copied over).
- Bounce of overall sound

- 2 revisions per package


How to book

Get in touch to book your package. Package rates can vary for example if you have different needs to that listed in our packages.

After care

Please do credit us UAngels Choir on your songs and tag us in your socials @UAngelsChoir, we love to be part of your projects!


Performance royalties - UAngels Choir PRO 0108029364


Alternative payments

All payment links in our packages page are routed to Paypal. If you require alternative payment options please email us.

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