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Our mission is to be the ultimate go-to commercial powerhouse session choir for you and your clients' studio projects. We are based in London, we record remotely or in your studio and aim to help great writers, labels and producers all over the world to get a professional choir vocal sound on every track. We take your direction and can have you present in the recording process via zoom or record without you present in any way. You get to approve every part of the process and have a chance to make changes to make your perfect recording with us while always being in close communication with us all the way.

UAngels Choir sing and arrange: Pop | Soul | R&B | Folk | Gospel

We work quickly and professionally to create a full choir sound from our voices. We are passionate about taking your tracks to a higher level through blended powerful harmony and work with you to get the very best from your tracks.  

We give you perfect harmony every time, whether you want us to come to your studio and record under director or working virtually recording at home. We will give you individual vocal stems to simply slot into your track and start your mix. 

Sessions available:


F/M Solo and Choir

Virtual, Physical and International travel

We are United Angels.

Ready to make your tracks sound better and be better.

What we offer:

Whatever your needs are, whether for a choir or a solo singer - we've got you covered. We are primarily a choir, but members of our choir are often hired as session singers. Annie is great with Pop/Soul/R&B and other singers are great at Rock/Soul/R&B hear more from Annie here.

  • Choir packages

  • Solo Session Singer packages

  • Writing packages (harmony arrangements or topline) 

Solo Singers

If you require a solo singer for demos or a track you wish to release we have several choir members that are solo singers also. You will see in our package section that we offer both solo and choir options. Vocal clips of our soloist Annie is available here.

Male Vocalists

We are primarily an all female ensemble with male vocalists that work with us regular upon request. Please make a request for male vocals if you wish.

Pre-written parts

Bookings for solo or the choir singers are for pre-written parts. You would have at least 1 (very rough) vocal guide following the melody and saying the words in the phrasing you expect. Instruments or vocals can illustrate your vocal harmony arrangement for the majority -  whichever is is easier. If you wish to outsource the harmony arrangement, please have a reference song for the harmony style you like, if it is our song 'Angels Calling', this is fine. We can write harmonies when you purchase one of our packages for an additional fee. This is in the writing package part.

One Section/Chorus = 8 bars/30s

We record many layers once for each section you order, if you want alternative performances on every chorus this would be a new package for each section, we can discuss a discounted rate to combine, but it takes us a long time to do so please bear this in mind. We would suggest mixing the vocals differently on each chorus to get the best out of time and value if you or your client wish to gain this result.

How to Book

Please peruse our packages here and give us an email when you have an idea of what you want. We can guide you through your options and discuss your project with you in detail before your purchase.


When you are ready to book us we can do this via BACS or Paypal to suit you.

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